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Culloden from
The Battle of Culloden from
Culloden: Main Page from Scott Dallimore
Clothing of the Ancient Celts-Scotland, 1100-1800 AD
Culloden 2000 Chris Timm
Scottish Civil Wars
Historic Highlanders Home Page
(The Loyal Argyle Militia)
Scottish Military Historical Society – Gallery
The Battle of Culloden
Battle of Culloden 1746
The Culloden AtrocitiesClothing: (see also Sutlers page for links to suppliers)
Clothing of the Ancient Celts
The Costume Page
Scottish Military Historical Society – Gallery
Costume Society Home Page — UK
Ren Faire: Costumes: Resources — list of sources for patterns etc.Event Sites:
Old Bedford Village
Potomac Celtic Festival 2000
Ren Faires
Richmond Highland Games


The Gathering of the Clans – devoted to all things Scottish.
Clan Donnachaidh: Colonel Patrick Graham of Inchbrackie’s Regiment
Clan Stewart Society in America (CSSA) Home Page
The Association’s Stewart Clan page
Clan Stewart of Appin
Castle Stalker, Scotland
   Fraser Highlanders
Historic Highlanders Home Page
   Lace Wars
The Sealed Knot Official Site (UK)
The Stewart Society
17th Century Group Contacts
Historical Reenactment on
Scottish Military Historical Society and Journal


Basic Gaelic

History of the Bagpipes

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Type Links:
Type Links:
Resources, Museums:
Aberdeen, UK:
Art Gallery, UK:
Hunterian, UK:
Isle of Arran:
Nat.Galleries Scotland, UK:
Nat.Lib.Scotland: see LIBRARIES above
Nat.Museums Scotland, UK:
Military Museums Links:
UK Library & Museum Links:

Sabhal Mór Ostaig — Gaelic language
Search Argos — search engine for Ancient and Medieval info on the Internet
Black Powder Resources
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
Electric Scotland – International Scottish community site
Irish Peatland Conservation Council
Scottish Economic History Database, 1550 – 1780
Scot Cultural Resources:
ScotWars, UK:
Town Crier:
United Regiment …:
Univ. of Edinburgh:


Rampant Scotland:
Scot Links:
SCRAN Links:
US / Scot Links:

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