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Frequently Asked Questions

The Appin Regiment endeavours to accurately portray the Stewarts of Appin, a group of Scottish Highlanders, in the period of 1745-1746. Members of the Jacobite army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart(Stewart), the Appin Stewarts played a key role in the last and most widely known Jacobite uprisings in Scotland, which culminated in the disastrous battle on Culloden Moor on 16 April, 1746.

Appearing at Celtic and Scottish festivals in Virginia and Maryland, the Appin Regiment presents a number of scenarios, the most of common of which is a representation of a recruiting party on its way to meet the Prince in Glenfinnan to raise the royal standard, bringing with them new volunteers and members of the baggage train, the reason being that this scenario allows the greatest range of impressions, from the lives of professional soldiers to the lives of domestics who were simply tagging along with the army.

Typical demonstrations include discussions of Highland clothing, Scottish weapons and military tactics, Scottish food, agriculture and cooking, the crafts and technology of the period, and the organization of Highland society in the mid-eighteenth century.

The Appin Regiment is committed to education through maintaining as high a standard of authenticity as possible. For information on clothing standards and other regiment policies, please visit the Clothing & Equipment page

Where is the Appin Regiment based?

The Appin Regiment is primarily based in the Northern Virginia / DC area. Most events that the Regiment attends are held between Frederick, MD and Richmond, VA.


How do I join?

Contact the Adjudant (Appin At for information on events; we can arrange for the loan of clothing and entrance to events in which we are participating. New members are voted into the group at our annual meeting after a one year initial trial period. Children under 18 are welcome with a participating parent.


What are the regiment’s policies on children?

Children are welcome, so long as they know how to behave in camp (i.e., no playing with camp fires, stay out of other people’s tents, and so on). Children under 16 should be supervised by at least one parent at all times. Children under the age of 16 may not demonstrate weapons. Children between the age of 16 and 18 may do so under the supervision of qualified group members.

Does the Appin Regiment participate in live combat demonstrations?

Yes. In the camp, live combat is demonstrated using modern fencing masks and approved equipment, i.e. padded swords. The regiment also participates in combat demonstrations either alone or with other reenactment groups, using prearranged and prechoreographed scenarios. The Appin Regiment does not do any unchoreographed live-steel combat.

What kinds of roles are open to members?

Members of the regiment are welcome to portray any type of person they wish, so long as they keep within the Jacobite theme and the specified time period. Members in the past have represented Highland soldiers, Lowland Jacobites, Continental Jacobite soldiers, Scottish villagers, and camp followers.

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