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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Contemporary Accounts:
Martin Martin, A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland (1703)
Boswell, James, Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson
Burt, Edward, Letters from the North of Scotland (1754)
Johnson, Samuel, Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
Monro, Sir Donald, A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland (1774)

Basic Reading List:
Bain, Robert, The Clans & Tartans of Scotland (Collins, 1976)
Barthorp, Michael, The Jacobite Rebellions 1689 – 1745 (Osprey, Men-At-Arms Series #118, 1982)
Boswell, James, Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson
Brander, Michael, Scottish & Border Battles & Ballads (Potter, 1979)
Caldwell, David, The Scottish Armoury (Blackwood, 1979)
Campbell, Lord Archibald, Scottish Swords from the Battlefield at Culloden (Mobray, 1971)
Cargill, Ian Charles, Colonists from Scotland: Emigration to North America 1707 – 1783 (Cornell, 1956)
Datches, David, The Last Stuart: The Life & Times of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Putnam, 1973)
Douglas, Hugh, Bonnie Prince Charlie (British History Illustrated, Vol. 4, No. 1, May 1977)
Ferguson, W. M., Scotland, 1698 to the Present (Edinburgh History of Scotland, Vol. 4, Praeger, 1968)
Forman, James D., The Scottish Dirk (Historical Arms Series No. 26, Museum Restoration Service, 1991)
Grange, R. M. D., A Short History of the Scottish Dress (MacMillen Co., 1967)
Grant, I.F., Highland Folk Ways (ISBN 1-874744-42-4)
Harrington, Peter, Culloden 1746 (Osprey, Campaign Series #12, 1991)
Hesketh, Christian, Tartans (Putnam’s Sons, 1961)
Hill, Patricia Kneas, The Oglethorpe Ladies (Cherokee Pub. Co., 1977)
Johnson, Samuel, Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
Johnstone, Chevalier de, A Memoir of the Forty-Five (Folie Society, 1958)
Kemp, Hilary, The Jacobite Rebellion (Almark Pub. Co., 1975)
Linklater, Eric, The Prince in the Heather (Hodder & Stoughton, 1965)
Mackie, R. L., A Short History of Scotland (Praeger, 1962)
MacLean, Fitzroy, A Concise History of Scotland (Bramhall House, 1960)
McClintock, H. F., Old Irish and Highland Dress, With Notes on that of the Isle of Man (orig. 1943 by Dundalgan Press, Dundalk; reprinted 1999 by Scotpress
McLaren, Moray, Bonnie Prince Charlie (Saturday Review Press, 1972)
Meyer, Duane Gilbert, Highland Scots of North Carolina (University of North Carolina, 1956)
Moncreiffe, Ian of that & Hicks, David, The Highland Clans (Bramhall House, 1961)
National Trust for Scotland, The, Culloden: The Swords and The Sorrows (The National Trust for Scotland Trading Co. Ltd., 1996)
Prebble, John, The Lion in the North (Penguin Books)
Prebble, John, Culloden (Penguin Books, 1967)
Scarlett, Jas. D., Scotland’s Clans & Tartans (Shepheard Walwyn, 1981)
Smoot, T. C., History of the Scottish People, 1560 – 1830 (Scribner, 1969)
Thomson, W. H., The Levy on Manchester (1952)
Tomassen, Katherine & Buist, Francis, Battles of the ’45 (Batsford, 1962)
Wallace, John, Scottish Swords & Dirks (Stackpole, 1970)
Whitelaw, Charles E., A Treatise on Scottish Hand Firearms (Bramhall House, 1923)

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