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Sutlers (Suppliers)

As always, please check with one of the group’s officers regarding the best choices for equipment; not all equipment sold by sutlers on this page may be appropriate for a particular impression. For instance, a sword that is appropriate for the French & Indian War period might not be accurate for someone portraying a Jacobite in 1745.

Arms and related supplies:

Armour Class

By The Sword

Cas Iberia

Dixie Gun Works — dirk blade kit


Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

Kings Ransom

McMaster-Carr (metal)

Navy Arms


Scotia Metalwork (J. Michael McRae) – handmade replicas of period dirks and sporrans

Smoke & Fire


Track of the Wolf

Museum Replicas carries a few weapons that will do in a pinch, though you will have to modify them to make them correct. Do NOT buy their clothes, sporrans, or jewelry.

Early Scottish Dirk

Primitive Scottish Dirk

Brass Basket Hilted Claymore


C.S. Osborne & Co. Leather Tools

e-Leather Supply

Hanson’s Leather

Kentucky Leather & Hides — carries some deerskin appropriate for pampooties, sporrans; see Appin Paper about sporrans for pattern

Moscow Hide and Fur

Siegel Leather

Tandy Leather

Clothing and Textiles:

96 District Storehouse: fabric

Barkertown Sutlers: men’s jackets, shirts, fitted trews, waistcoats

Burnley & Trowbridge: Linens, wool, linsey-woolsey, fustian, horsehair interlining, hemp canvas, buttons, and sundry other period fabrics and supplies

Dharma Trading Co.:textile crafts supplies; sells indigo and other natural dyestuffs

Diane Jensen: hand-knitted Scots bonnets

Druid’s Oak: clothing

EarthGuild: Supplies for weaving, dyeing, etc.;

Halcyon Yarns: spinning, weaving, and other fiber arts supplies and books

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.: sells fabric, patterns and clothing. Not all is appropriate for our impression.

Lacis: sells period sewing implements (for many periods — make sure what you’re ordering is correct for us).

The Silly Sisters: women’s clothing

Other Camp Equipment:

Avalon Forge

Carl Giordano, Tinsmith

Deborah’s Pantry: period cooking supplies

J. Henderson: period pottery

Liberty Linens

Living History Shop: trunks and other camp furniture

The Quartermaster General: sundries including buttons, buckles, ironwear, etc.

Westminster Forge: copperware

Wm. Booth, Draper: period fabric and other supplies